St Kilda defender Ben Long has accepted a three-match ban from the AFL tribunal for his careless bump which left Fremantle’s Sean Darcy concussed and unable to return to the field.

The Saints agreed with the tribunal’s grading of the rough conduct incident as ‘careless’, ‘high’ contact and with ‘severe’ impact, which results in a three-game ban. That decision was upheld by the jury.

According to the medical report tabled by Fremantle, Darcy suffered concussion as a result of the bump and is still experiencing pain in the neck and jaw area.

Essendon midfielder Dylan Shiel, meanwhile, was unsuccessful in his attempt to have his two-game ban for bumping North Melbourne’s Curtis Taylor downgraded.

Shiel was looking to convince the jury that the impact on Taylor was medium or low, rather than high, citing his quick recovery and subsequent return to training.

The club also argued for leniency given Shiel’s impeccable track record over the course of his nine-year AFL career.

But despite a last-ditch video call to Mark Williams, the jury dismissed Essendon’s appeal with Shiel officially banned for two games.